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Everything sort of spills forth often and uncontrollably. I don't intended to capture any of that. But there is less coherency here. I like that more.

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  1. Sound Words: Does Not Sleep On Mac Demarco's Salad Days

    This review does not suck. Also the album being reviewed does not suck either, in fact, it is pretty damn amazing. Do not suck. Read this review.

  2. whoisthespirit on Instagram

    So hopefully I did this right and you can click that image or whatever and it will show off my classy as hell instagram which I am so much better about using.

  3. Sound Words: Sky Ferreira's Sweet Soft Kiss Off

    Hey check out this super sweet piece of writing I did. You will thank the internets, I promise.

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  5. A Softer World

    Hey e’erybody! I wrote a yarn about yarn. Take a gander if you please!

  6. Sound Words: Pusha T Redefines the World

    My latest record review is for Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name. It was maybe partially influenced by Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns, and also by my own visions of a future gone overwhelming. That and my own experiences in the gristle hustle known as Grustlin’! Get ya Grustle on!

  7. Sound Words: HAIM Dances With the Dead

    Hey Tumblars! Have you seen these? Because you should see them if you haven’t seen them! Also, Tumblr is crazy, right!?

  8. It's Not Even Bad: Hunx and His Punx's Street Punk

    Yo’ Tumblos! I am now writing stuff for an awesome online magazine. Check these out!!

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  10. Help me go to Boston already!
  11. Sadly I think videos like this lead to the misconception that life for girls involves swaying in pretty places like parks and beaches and is therefore easy and blissful.

  12. Were there actually to be such a thing as a milk crisis - I would hope that the world would respond with this much dancing. It feels like an appropriate way to solve most problems.